The idea of “expositif” comes from the architecture students of TU Bratislava (www.fotoexpo.sk).

“kleinraum” (www.kleinraum.at)  of TU Graz hast taken this idea and us making a yearly version of the expo in cooperation with the founders at TU Bratislava.

The Competition is mainly directed towards architecture students of TU Graz, but we are happy to accept everybody from other unversities!

The word “competition” is widely seen, because we try to exhibit every entered picture. Prices are given to the best photos, but everybody should be able to be exhibited.

expositif is being held annualy since 2013  and is getting bigger and bigger.


Original text of TU Bratislava


…..THE WORLD and how it is perceived by the students of architecture.

FotoEXPO has started at N.Belojanis dormitory as an idea of the students of architecture at Slovak Technical University, in order to discuss the phenomenon of photography. First FotoEXPO exhibition was in 2001. The students motivated by pleasant atmosphere of photographic meeting established the roots of this tradition.

The project was growing successfully, the university teachers and professional public started attending the exhibition. The active students who wanted to continue the tradition, led the project in very dynamic way so the exhibition didn’t stagnate.  FotoEXPO is accompanied by more and more various activities every year and the works of more than hundred of authors with their selection of photos are presented. The organisators started an international cooperation in 2009 and the project has been  reinstalled in Banska Bystrica, Spisska Nova Ves, Nitra and Brno (CZ) till now.

The exhibition took place in many different places. In the beginning, it was an event happening at N.Belojanis dormitory, but it was successfully moved at the Faculty of Architecture later. With two-year break , the project is still happening at the Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava.