Please send us  your photos until [here you can find a date soon] at 24:00.


Submission Deadline

13. März to 31. März 2017

Vernissage (Main Event)



max. 2 Photos, max. 20MB, Formats: 16:9, 4:2, square

The photos have to be JPG or PDF,  not bigger as 25MB, maximum 3 Pictures.


You have two options how to send your photos:



Please be sure to have gotten a confirmation email!
Photos per Email:

An: expositif[@]

Please add: Name, University, Title

Confirmation (Please add this to your email)

“I hereby declare, that i own the copyright on this photos and allow kleinraum to print and exhibit them under my name!”

Optional  (Please add this to your email if you want)

If somebody wants to buy the print of my photos  i allow kleinraum to ask for 10€, which will be used to pay for the exhibition” (With this you don´t sell your copyright!)

Are your photos too big to be sent?

Compress your PDF files HERE
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